Game Design and Development

Shawn Featherly

Special Thank You (in timeline order)

Mark Jung - Helped brainstorm on some ideas for the first version of the game

David Langdon - The games first fan. Gave ample amounts of feedback despite the first versions not being the greatest.

Sarah Featherly & Nathan Ward - The first people to help promote the game by telling friends about it

Arne Klubberud - Helped promote the game at work. The first competive player. First player (we're aware of) that activated the 6th laser on level 2048.

Sally Armstrong - Helped promote the game at work. Arne's main competition, was neck and neck with Arne up to level 512.

Shubha Vijayasarathy - The BouncyLasers speed demon, was able to surpass even Arne's level in the game.

Lee Wolfe - Help with RenderQueue in the Unity3D port. Those laser lines were oddly flickering before Lee.

Scott Gilchrist - Keen insights on easy ways to add polish to the game.

First 10 players who activated the 6th laser on level 2048

#1 Arne Klubberud on 7/19/2012

#2 Shubha Vijayasarathy on 7/19/2012

#3 Jenn Maxwell on 11/18/2017

#4 Joshua Du Chene on 5/2/2018

#5 "_" on 10/8/2018 (feel free to comment on our facebook page if you'd like your real name in this spot)

#6 -- could be you --

If you're one of these top players listed above and want a signed certificate, post your request on the BouncyLasers Facebook page and we'll get in touch with you.

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