Bouncy Lasers

Bouncy Lasers is a phone and browser (WebGL) game. It's easy to learn, watch the first minute of the video below and you'll understand the game. Yet don't be fooled, it's difficult to master.

Bouncing Lasers

The emphasis with Bouncy Lasers is mobile devices. This game is enjoyable while you are bouncing on a train, bus, or trampoline.

Where you can play

iPhone (with WebGL)
Google Play

Simple to play:

    • Bouncy lasers revolves around a single tap on a grid cell. This either places or removes an orb from that cell.
    • An mirror orb can always be added or removed from any cell on the board.

Difficult to master:

    • Bouncy lasers uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate an infinite number of levels with gradually increasing difficulty. That's right, infinite levels!
    • The first 8 levels start off with a single red laser, as you progress through the levels you'll encounter new lasers that each bounce off the orb at a different angle. You'll have to figure out how to work with all of their bounces simultaneously.