How do I transfer my completed levels to another phone?

Android or iPhone - Buy the 99 cent Remove Ads InAppPurchase on your old phone, then when you play on a new phone connected to the internet it'll boost you to the level you obtained on your old phone.

Windows Phone - You have to submit your score using a Facebook account on your old phone. Use the same Facebook account to submit your score on your new phone. BouncyLasers will tell you that you already have a higher submitted score and ask if you want to download that game. (I know this is a kludgy UI, sorry about that. But you can transfer your game to a new phone! :)

Any other device - You can't transfer your level progress. Sorry :-(

Why should I allow BouncyLasers to be one of my Facebook apps?

Facebook is used as the way to validate and track your score.

BouncyLasers uses as few Facebook permissions as possible. It won't do anything even remotely close to posting on your feed. The only thing BouncyLasers does is add your FacebookId to the BouncyLasers scoreboard. No other Facebook access is needed. Your name and your profile picture are public data also linked to your FacebookId.

How many levels does the game have?

Bouncy Lasers uses a level generator, allowing for an infinite number of Levels.

I'm a nerd, there's no such thing as infinite levels. How many does this game really have?

Bouncy Lasers stores the level in 4 bytes, meaning after roughly 2 billion levels the game may explode. If you could continually solve one level a second it'd take you a bit over 63 years to see Bouncy Lasers explode.

If you're interested in how the levels are created, David Braben does a better job explaining than we ever could in this video https://youtu.be/iTBvpd3_Vqk.

This game is too hard. How do I get easier levels?

In the Windows Phone version, use the Settings page. Games with a lower number of rows and columns are easier. Use the Level Set Type field to play the same number of rows and columns starting from level 1 again with different solutions.

What is a Level Set?

A level set is created any time you make a modification and then hit the start button in the Setting page. It is a group of levels that all share the same number of Rows, Columns, and Level Set Type.

How does the game difficulty progress?

Bouncy Lasers difficulty changes based on the level number. Level 1 and 2 are treated the same. After that, every level that is a power of 2 attempts to make the path to solve the level more tricky. Every other power of 2 level adds an additional orb color. This means you will have additional laser colors on the following levels.

Why did you pick those crazy colors?

Bouncy Lasers tries to use distinct colors that are identifiable even when they mix with one another yet still look like passable lasers. You can learn more about the color decisions from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK_color_model and http://web.media.mit.edu/~wad/color/palette.html

How do I solve level ... ?

Use your wits. All levels in Bouncy Lasers are solvable. If you are having difficulty with a level post about it on the Bouncy Lasers Facebook page.

How do I go back to a level I've already solved?

Currently you can not go back. Only forward. However, you can always reset, or in the windows phone version, use the game settings to start a new Level Set, which will start at level 1.

There's some problems with this game.

There is no known issues with the iPhone or WebGL version of the game. If you found one, please post on the Bouncy Lasers Facebook page or send an email to BouncyLasers at gmail.

On Android there is one known issue

  1. IAP causes Error when the play screen is first entered. This is due to Unity5.5.2 and was fixed in Unity5.5.3, until the game gets upgraded please just click the red x button in the top right.

There are a couple known issues with the WindowsPhone version of the game that will never be fixed (sorry).

  1. The diagonal cross-hairs don't redraw correctly if you go crazy on the screen. They fix themselves if you return to dragging with a non-crazy manner.
  2. The game is sluggish on the WP7 if there are over 60 cells on the game board.